D.P.U.K. 2020 Events.

D.P.U.K. 2020 Events.

We have the following dates secured for 2020 for out meetings and conferences. This page will be updated with more details about venues, speakers and times.

  • Jan 18th A.G.M. 

Our yearly A.G.M.

  • March 20th.

Speaker: Michael Mercadis (Rose Cherami’s son) speaking to us via Skype.

  • Canterbury Seminar April 25th-26th.


Barry Keane on Ian Griggs

Stuart Galloway on Jack Ruby

Jean Shields on the defectors to the U.S.S.R. Part 2

Bill Beadle on the head shot.

Rick Russo about his work on the Turner Documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy and also on Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Joseph Backes on JFK Assassination documentation and its RIF numbers.

John Newman on Vol. 4.

Dan Hardway Q&A.

  • May 23rd.

Speaker t.b.a.

  • August 1st.

Speaker t.b.a.

  • September 26th.

Speaker t.b.a.

  • October

York Seminar

Speakers t.b.a.

  • Nov 21st.

Speaker t.b.a.