Malcolm Bunt has recorded and received various VHS video tapes in his years as a researcher of the J.F.K. Assassination.

No commercial usage, and if you use this material for your research please refer to it as from Malcolm Blunt Archives.

Tom Alyea interview and footage.

J.F.K.’s arrival and speech in Miami 1963.

The First Annual Midwest Symposium on the Assassination of J.F.K.

A collection of ten videos. Incomplete set at this time.

The Jama Distortions.

Jack White’s The Murder of the Century

Gerald Hemming with Howard Davis,he was Raoul Castro’s pilot at one stage. The person holding up the big blow ups later in the video is Gordon Winslow, and Mike Murphy a member of S.F.R.G.

A rare 90 minutes talk by Gus Rose on the J.F.K. Assassination.

Dr Milton Kurian by Malcolm Blunt, Bill Drenas and John Armstrong May 23 1998.

ABC unedited tape from Nov 22 1963 from the ABC vault. Audio only. Dubbed Aug 15 1998.

John Armstrong’s Harvey & Lee presentation in 1997. 

Ask Conference Dealey Plaza Walk Around in 1993.

Nice interview with Harold Weisberg from 1998.

Docu about JFK’s final day in Dallas, Tx.

Assassination Symposium on JFK. Nov 1993 with Jim Marrs, Larry Ray Harris, Robert Chapman and Jonathan Cohen.

Norman Mailer in The Man Who Changed Us All.

Retired F.B.I. agent Don Adams in 2004.

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