Harry Livingstone was featured on a few news channels in the 90’s when it came to the evidence of the J.F.K. Assassination.

Livingstone also collected many videos either recorded from the TV or made by fellow researchers. These are posted down further below this page.

For research and educational purposes only!

Harry on WJLA TV Nov 22 1998.

Harry Livingstone vs Gerald Posner.

Harrison Edward Livingstone – The Lost Tapes.

In 1991 Harry Livingstone put a panel together. Thanks to Matt Douthit for these two tapes.

Harry Livingstone worked closely with Mark Crouch for a few years and while he was working on his books High Treason 1 & 2 he also produced the movie below about the autopsy photographs. Both Crouch and Livingstone did some very good research as to the authenticity of the autopsy photographs.

Some more videos below which Harry worked on or were part of his archival collection.

These videos are for educational and research purposes only!

The Zapruder film enhanced by Vince Palamara. Made late 1991 or early 1992.

JFK Zapruder Film Recreation on 8 MM film by Brian Edwards for Harry Livingstone in 1997. Running at approx 18 minutes wards et all. Limo from Paul Crute. Donated by David Mantik to NARA in 1998.

Texas News 5 reporting on the Charles Bronson film in the early 90’s. Featuring Harold Weisberg as well.

Robert Groden giving a presentation on the autopsy photos and the Zapruder film. This film is from the 80’s.

Jack White giving a talk on the back yard photos.

Robert Blakey, Marita Lorenz and Sam Giancana on Geraldo Rivera.

Roy Schaeffer’s Photographic Interpretation of the JFK Assassination. Presented in 1995.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Senate Hearings on opening the JFK Assassination files May 12 1992.

A.B.A.Mock Trial.

The Jama article in the M.S.M. in May 1992.

Harry is protesting at 31:14.

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