Malcolm Blunt has been visiting the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and quite a few other archives spread out over the U.S.A. While researching he has copied and shared thousands of pages from those archives with many other researchers. We share some of these documents through this website to make access to them easier for aspiring researchers. 

There are  lot of Malcolm’s files so that we have decided to group them for you to browse through the folders instead. Click on the red headers to be taken to a set of files for you to view and download at your behest.

These folders will be updated over the course of the next year or so so keep checking them.

No commercial usage, and if you use this material for your research please refer to it as The Malcolm Blunt Archives, with a link to it.
Thank you.

Anti Castro.

Bernardo de Torres


Civil Air Patrol.


C.I.A. Routing Sheet



Fritz and Boyd. Pic.: W. Allen/U.N.T.


Gordon Shanklin-F.B.I.

Film & Photo.

The sniper’s nest.


Richard Thomas Gibson of the F.P.C.C.


Jim Garrison.

Jack Ruby.

Jack Ruby at the Carousel Club.

Right Wing.

HL Hunt and Ruth Ray.


Photo: J.F.K. Collection Collection at UNT.


Texas School Book Depository

Warren Commission.

The Warren Commission.


Photo: Jim Murray/Blackstar.

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