Ian Griggs has been videoed a few times regarding his various articles on the D.P.D., the happenings inside the T.S.B.D. and Jack Ruby and his girls of course.

Besides these presentation videos Griggs had a substantial video collection of various Dallas conferences but also tapes released by fellow researchers such as Jack White. 

These tapes are all from the 90’s. 

No commercial usage, solely for research purposes only.

Jack White did  a fair bit of photographic research, which he published in the early 90s.

Jack White also delved into the photos of Oswald that were available.

A 1991 documentary from the J.F.K. Assassination Information Center. 

Larry Howard Symposium Kansas Oct 1994 with Craig Roberts and Ed Hoffman.

Interview with Shari Angel, one of Jack Ruby’s strippers.

A 7 part lecture series by Jim Fetzer from 1994.

This b&w tape from the 6th floor is from 1989.

A.S.K. Conference 1994: J.D. Tippit.

From the same conference The International Perspective Panel which included Ian Griggs.

Mark Oakes did some tremendous research with his Eyewitness Real JFK facts series and he videoed a lot of witnesses to share the findings.

More by Mark Oakes in part 2.

Eyewitness Real JFK Facts Part 3

The second part of the video.

The Killing of J.F.K. a film by Steve Ruggi.

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