Harry Livingstone

Harry Livingstone in Dealey Plaza

Harry Livingstone was a tenacious researcher initially based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Harry was a best selling and notable author for his book High Treason and series of Kennedy assassination books with leading investigative finding including the Zapruder film hoax and alterations of the Kennedy autopsy photos

In the early 90’s Harry worked closely with Mark Crouch. Crouch who managed to get hold of a set of the autopsy photos.

Harry passed away in Monterey, Ca. in Feb. 2015.

Malcolm Blunt managed to obtain and ship Harry’s archive in the late 90’s to the U.K. and since Sept 2018 Dealey Plaza U.K. has been busy trying to digitise this large collection of documents, scribbles, pictures, audio and photographs for the public to check out. There is a fair bit to go through at this point and during the course of 2019 more of his archive shall be added on.

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