Dealey Plaza UK 2023 Events

Dealey Plaza UK 2023 Events

Greetings all,

we have had a lot of meetings on Zoom only since Covid 19 made its entrance in 2020. However since our first ‘in the flesh’ gathering at the Canterbury seminar in Oct. 2022,  we are slowly going to be moving back, be it partially, to face to face “Burgers & Pints” gatherings in pubs. Below you will find our up and coming Dealey Plaza UK 2023 Events.

The following dates and speakers have been arranged. Please keep checking this page over the course of the year as new events are added on gradually.

  • Jan 14th our annual AGM meeting/Zoom.
  • Jan 28th Nancy Weiford on the TSBD/Zoom.
  • Feb 18th Gary Fanin/Zoom.
  • Mar 25th Robert & Janet Groden.
  • David Josephs  “The Murder of Oswald” April 28th.
  • On May 29th we were to have Chris Gallop, but a medical emergency is preventing him from presenting. His talk shall be rescheduled to a later date this year.
  • York Seminar June 3rd, program can be viewed by clicking here.
  • Brooks Laplante July 15th
  • Bart Kamp Zoom talk about Prayer Man More Than A Fuzzy Picture Oct 28th.
  • A few DPUK members will be present in Dallas in Nov.

These events are for full Dealey Plaza UK members only. To join please go here

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