Dealey Plaza UK 2024 Events

Greetings to all!

DPUK Events for 2024 where full members meet, chat and watch presentations or have talks. Sometimes we meet in person too! We have our seminars in York & Canterbury where we gather to share our work and thoughts.

This page will get updated over the course of the year, with our agenda of events, so please re-check to see newly added info.

Chris Gallop Saturday 27th January  (Loose Talk)

  • Gavan McMahon Saturday 2nd March  (The Murder of Officer J.D. Tippit).
  • Saturday March 23rd at 3pm – Rick Russo & Brooks LaPlante (Bethesda).
  • York Seminar for Saturday May 18th & Sunday May 19th at The Radisson York. Program TBA.

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