No Shots Fired From the T.S.B.D. Talk Dec 1st 2018

On Dec 1st we had a D.P.U.K. meet-up at our usual haunt The Flying Horse. The meeting commenced at 12:00 for all attendees to get their drinks and food after which we resided upstairs for a talk by Bart Kamp and Ed Ledoux (via Skype) about the shots fired from the T.S.B.D. or better yet the lack thereof.

The talk’s title comes from a thread created by Ed in 2015 at the ROKC Webs forum, of which an archived version can be viewed here. And which was later continued at the current R.O.K.C. forum (scroll a third down to continue).

Bart Kamp over the years added many pieces of valuable evidence while going through the many documents that are available on the J.F.K. Assassination.

Overall most of us believe that not all three shots were fired from the so called sniper’s nest, but none at all is to many a stretch and how would one come to such a conclusion? And why should a few researchers take proper aim at the DalTex building instead!

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