Operation Tilt.

On 8th June, 1963, a small group, including William Pawley, Eddie Bayo, Rip Robertson, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, John Martino. Richard Billings and Terry Spencer boarded a CIA flying boat. After landing off Baracoa, Bayo and his men got into a 22-foot craft and headed for the Cuban shore. The plan was to pick them up with the Soviet officers two days later. Bayo and his men were never seen again. 

There is a fair amount of documentation available on this operation alongside with some of the photographs taken, Malcolm Blunt has been so kind to supply these documents and the contact sheets. Click on the links below to examine the PDFs.

Operation Tilt – W.D. Pawley – 1.

Operation Tilt – W.D. Pawley – 2.

Operation Tilt – W.D. Pawley – 3.

Operation Tilt – W.D. Pawley – 4.

Operation Tilt Photos. Large file 84 MB.

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