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Lately we came across a new magazine, named after New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison. It is run by S.T. Patrick who some of you may know from Midnight Writer News, the website that has many researchers talk about their work n various big historic events.

The magazine comes with a glossy cover and is printed in b&w and like the Midnight Writer News show deals with not just the J.F.K. assassination, but also the R.F.K. assassination, Watergate and 911 to name a few other subjects. 

For a full listing of each issue’s content and how to order please read on.

Issue 1

The cover story: “Why the CIA Killed JFK” by Lisa Pease

“Fighting the Establishment’s Narratives” by Caitlin Johnstone

“JFK in Springfield” by S.T. Patrick

“2020: The Deep Political Realities” by Richard Bartholomew

“As Families Sometimes Do: It’s Up to You” by Randolph Benson

“9/11: The John Judge Interview (Part 1)” by Kenn Thomas

“The Personnel File of William Harvey” by Prof. David Denton

“Hougan, Liddy, the Post, and Watergate” by Jim Hougan

“Kennedy Faces the Middle East” by Jim DiEugenio

“Ted Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and Chappaquiddick (Part 1)” by Joseph Green

“The Eleventh Hour: Jim Garrison’s Quest for Justice (Part 2)” by William Davy

“The Warren Omission (Part 1)” by Walt Brown, PhD

“The FBI Considered Planting a Story Painting Ramparts as Anti-Semitic” by Emma Best

“The Condoleezza Rice-Philip Zelikow Connection” by Nicholas Levis

“The Hilo Tribune Herald Warning: A Commentary” by Douglas Horne

“Genocide in Rwanda (Part 1)” by Keith Harmon Snow

“The Disgraceful History of U.S. Government Experimentation” by Donald Jeffries

Issue 2

Randolph Benson, “JFK, Oswald, & the Raleigh Connection”

Edgar F. Tatro, “JFK: Assassination & Predestination”

Kenn Thomas & John Judge, “The 9/11 Interview (Part 2)”

Jim Hougan, “Carl Shoffler, Robert Merritt, and the Scandal That Dare Not Speak Its Name”

Joseph E. Green, “Kennedy, Nixon, and Chappaquiddick (Part 2)”

Keith Harmon Snow, “Tutsi Hegemony: Genocide in Rwanda (Part 2)”

Caitlin Johnstone, “The Illusory Truth Effect: How Millions Were Duped by Russiagate”

Richard Bartholomew, “True Believers: Arlen Specter & Tom Snyder”

Prof. David Denton, “New Docs Reveal Extreme CIA Sabotage Proposals that Paralleled Operation Northwoods”

Malcolm Blunt, “Memories: A Tribute to Ian Griggs”

Becca Bledsoe, “Monsanto Loses in Court”

Walt Brown, PhD, “Warren Omission: Part II – Semantics”

Robert Groden, “How Gerald Ford Sold Out the Country and the Memory of President Kennedy”

Larry Rivera, “Fifteen Finds of the JFK Files”

Ralph Epperson, “Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the Rise of the Trilateral Commission (Part 1)”

Caitlin Johnstone, “The First Democratic Debate: Summarized”

This magazine is perfect for a relaxing read either in transit or on the beach, I highly recommend it.

Both issues of Garrison Magazine can be ordered in print or electronic form from this web page.

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