Garrison Magazine – The UK Edition.

The latest issue of Garrison Magazine, numbering a whopping 232 pages,  has just been released. Various DPUK members have submitted articles to this particular issue aptly named Garrison Magazine – The UK Edition.

In its sixth issue the magazine looks at 17 of the most popular Jack the Ripper suspects (Ricard Jones, Richard C. Cobb, Michael Hawley), as well as the theory that there is no one “Jack” at all (Simon Wood). JFK assassination historian Malcolm Blunt looks at LBJ and George H.W. Bush, Jonathan Cook looks at the dubious fall of Jeremy Corbyn, Robin Ramsay takes us inside Lobster magazine and looks at Carroll Quigley, Bill Beadle questions the hanging of Mahmood Mattan, and we have Allan Johnson on Richard III, Corinne Souza on Spook PR, Tom Easton on the Social Democrats, and Scott Reid on William McEwan Duff.

Returning with U.S. coverage is Richard Booth (OKC), Walt Brown (Oswald), Ed Curtin (Trump/Biden), James DiEugenio (Salandria Tribute), Don Jeffries (Trumpenstein), Caitlin Johnstone, Mark Crispin Miller (Masking), Phil Nelson (Harold Holt), Kevin Ryan (Gitmo), the late Vincent Salandria (Ruth & Michael Paine), and Ed Tatro (LBJ).

Plenty to delve through!

To order the magazine in either as an e-book or as a traditional magazine please go here. Ordering through local Lulu means you only pay local/national postage rates only.

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