Dealey Plaza UK 2021 Events

The following dates and speakers have been arranged for our up and coming Dealey Plaza UK 2021 events.

This page will get updated regularly with new details of speakers and whether we are finally meeting in the Cheshire Cheese for a jar or two. Until then we will stick to our Zoom gatherings. Once we are going back to the Cheese, we will have Zoom running consecutively so our members who are not able to attend in person can join us virtually.  

Saturday 20th February 
  • Gary Schoener on his research with Jim Garrison and other related matters.   
Saturday 20th March 
  • Ian Hughes on Oswald’s emotional journey. 
Saturday 24th April – 
  • J Gary Shaw and his career as a JFK Assassination researcher.
Saturday May 22nd
  • General members Talk.
June 19th 
  • Larry Hancock on his latest book Tipping Point and his previously released work. 
July 17th
  • Bill Simpich – LHO and the Defector Tango
August 21st
  • Jim Koepke on his book Chasing Ghosts.
September 19th
  • TBC
October 17th   
  • William Matson Law  – Q&A on his career and the medical evidence
November 20th  
  • Johnny Cairns on Oswald’s defense.
  • Stuart Galloway on Jack Ruby,
  • Bart Kamp on the Malcolm Blunt archive and his four Anatomy papers.
December 18th   
  • Greg Wagner – Dealey Plaza.
These events are for full Dealey Plaza UK members only. To join please go here

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