Dealey Plaza Echo Magazine

The ‘Echo’ is the group’s own dedicated research journal. It is published three times annually (March, July, and November) and is distributed free to all members. It contains a wide range of articles covering many aspects of the assassination and in its brief existence it has become widely respected on both sides of the Atlantic. Chris Mills was the original editor and the group owes him an enormous debt of gratitude for setting it up in July 1996. Ian Griggs was the Editor from March 1998 to March 2005 and more recently Mark Bridger. The Editor who served us up to 2014 was Mark De’Valk.

Our Brand New Editor and Sub Editor are now James Gordon and Richard Lee-Van den Daele.

Editorial policy dictates that nothing will be published which has already appeared in the UK but there is no bar on submissions from non-members or from countries outside the UK. The work of several leading researchers has appeared in the pages of the Echo. This journal is ‘distributed free to all Dealey Plaza UK members’.

BACK ISSUES: Single or limited run back issues are available from the Editor and posted free to anywhere in the world. Complete sets of all back issues are available. Please contact the Editors for details, price, etc.

ECHO ARTICLES: The editors, James Gordon and Richard Lee-Van den Daele are always searching for articles, etc. so please contact Richard who lives in Shipley and his e-mail address is:- with anything you have.
A series on personal experiences of 22nd November 1963 is a regular feature and your contributions welcome.