Gary Severson

Gary Severson used to tell his students at John F. Kennedy High School in Bloomington, Mn. that he had been studying the JFK assassination for 2 months before 11/22/63.

The reason for that is that for him it started on 9/25/63 when JFK was receiving an honorary law degree from his alma mater at the University of North Dakota. Gary and his friend accidentally breached security that day to see JFK speak. The outcomes from that day is the subject he speaks of at Dealey Plaza UK. This indelible experience, as a 16 year old, has led to a lifelong study of the assassination in all its aspects. His overall focus has been on the “deep state” involvement in the murder of our President. 

Gary was kind enough to talk to us on our first virtual group gathering since the lock down due to the Covid 19 virus. Dealey Plaza UK, and especially Tony Power our Secretary who got the whole thing setup and it ran almost flawless are going to be holding group talks on an almost monthly basis this year, stay tuned and look at our 2020 events page for our up and coming meetings.

The video of Gary’s talk can be viewed below. Sadly the first few minutes are missing due to a small technical glitch. There is however two hours captured filled with lots of info. Thanks very much Gary for your talk.

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