Dealey Plaza UK Membership Talks.

This is a DPUK video talks page, various researchers that have been speaking to us via Zoom. 

This page will be updated regularly with new Talk videos.

Greg Wagner.

William Matson Law.

Stuart Galloway – Johnny Cairns – Bart Kamp – DPUK Seminar Nov 21 2021.

Larry Hancock – Tipping Point.

Bill Simpich

J Gary Shaw on his career as a JFK Assassination researcher.

Ian Hughes on Oswald’s Emotional Journey.

Gary Schoener on his time while investigating the JFK Assassination.

Johnny Cairns on the Chain of Evidence.

Peter Mellor on Albert Osborne aka John Howard Bowen.

John D Williams – LHO, LBJ and the assassination of JFK

Joe Backes  speaks about the RIF Numbers and the documents that have been published so far and the ones that prove to be elusive.


David Josephs on Oswald in Mexico City.