Ian Griggs

Ian Griggs on the far right during the Lancer 2015 conference in Dallas. Pic.: JFK Lancer.

Ian Griggs is a co-founder of Dealey Plaza U.K. 

He started D.P.U.K. in 1995

In the early 90’s Ian attended and spoke at the A.S.K. conferences, some of which were videoed and can be seen on the videos page.

Ian Griggs and Mark Rowe at the Lancer Conference in Dallas in 2003. Pic.: JFK Lancer.

Ian was also a regular visitor to the Lancer Conference in Dallas in November, he has attended more than 12 x and has been a speaker as well in:

2009 Police panel talk with Jerry Dealey and Sherry Fiester.

2011 Jack Ruby and the D.P.D.

Furthermore he was also a member of the, now defunct, Lancer Forum.

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