Harry Livingstone had many cases filled with folders that Malcolm Blunt managed to have shipped to the U.K. in the late 90’s.

On this page you will be able to browse through a selection of some of these documents. We have decided to categorise these a little, and for 2019 this will be a work in progress with more to be added on. Click on the red header and it will take you to a Google Drive folder that holds the PDFs

For research purposes only and if you do use any materials then please credit to The Livingstone Archives with a link to here. 

Some are a little large so allow some time for them to load. And in case you are wondering where the medical research is, this will be added later in 2020.


Paul Rothermel.


JD Tippit Crime Scene. Source: UNT


The Warren Commission

Film & Photo.

Patsy Paschall. Pic.: John F Rhodes/D.M.N.

Persons Of Interest.

Rose Cheramie.

Air Force One.

AF 1. Photo by Ken Hackman.


Penn Jones.

Dallas Sheriff.

Bill Decker.

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