Harold “Skip” Rydberg Archive.

This Archive contains many of the original documents and letters accumulated by Harold Rydberg in his research into the assassination of JFK. Particularly those in relation to his attempt to correct a grave historical in-accuracy in which he was an unwilling participant. Barry Keane received all this material from Harold Rydberg shortly before he passed away in July 2017. He is making these scans available exclusively through D.P.U.K. for research purposes.

Captain John Stover, Commanding Officer of the Bethesda Naval Medical School with Petty Officer 2nd Class Harold Rydberg, 1964

Barry did a presentation on this material at the Canterbury seminar in 2018.

Also contained are items associated with Rydberg’s career as a member of the United States Military, especially his position as Senior Medical Illustrator at the Bethesda Naval Medical School in the 1960’s. 



Morgue Drawings.

Press Cuttings.

Rydberg Letters.

Cards & Envelopes.

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