Dealey Plaza UK 2022 Events


We have the following dates arranged for our up and coming Dealey Plaza UK 2022 events. 

This page will get updated regularly with new details of speakers and whether we are finally meeting in the Cheshire Cheese for a jar or two. But first C-19 needs sorting before it is safe to meet in the flesh again. Until then we will stick to our Zoom gatherings only.   

We just had our AGM on Jan 15th and the rest of the year’s dates are as follows:

February 19th

Craig Ciccone about the location of witnesses in Dealey Plaza.

March 19th
Paul Bleau on the FPCC and his work on the Oliver Stone documentary.
April 23rd
David Boylan & Larry Hancock on the Red Bird Airport leads.

May 21st

James Norwood on the two Oswalds.

June 18th

No meeting.

July 16th

Nancy Weiford on Buell Wesley Frazier.

August 20th

No meeting.

September 10th

Members talk with subject t.b.d.

September 30 – October 2nd

Canterbury seminar.

Full program will be published soon.

November 19th 

December the 10th

These events are for full Dealey Plaza UK members only. 
To join please go here

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